Adding a Layer of Security

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Adding a Layer of Security

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The truck driving profession is becoming remarkably dangerous each day. Cargo thefts in Canada are rocketing and the police are not equipped to stop this problem. These low risk thefts are endangering lives of our vital truck drivers. As well, sitting behind the wheel is exposing drivers to sun damage and this is giving them skin cancer at an alarming rate. More than half of the skin cancer cases diagnosed occur on the left side of the body.

55 Safety installs our proprietary tint security film on tractor trailers. Our security film uses nanotechnology which will make it thinner and stronger than the current thicker films. This will protect drivers from harmful UV rays, control spall, and give drivers time to call the authorities should a robbery occur.

“The necessity for trucking safety is a no-brainer from a business perspective. The fewer trucks that are involved in incidents, the more likely our freight will arrive on time without incurring damage to the product, injury to the driver” – Minimax Express


Our Team

Bill Chan
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chan is a highly experienced commercial and high end real estate executive with an intrinsic ability to put large scale deals together.

Dora Lee
Chief Technology Officer / Procurement

Ms. Lee has almost two decades of experience in glass trading and manufacturing where she led order processing, production progress, and worked with clients on specific glass details.

Steven Qu
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Qu has a Bachelor in Safety Engineering from the Capital University of Business and Economics in Beijing, China. He has extensive experience in management consulting of small and medium sized enterprises.

Bobby Chang
Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Chang’s forty years in marketing has taught him the importance of assessing market behaviours and making quick responses to market demands and finding efficiencies.

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